TV disposal in Houston, Texas

Same day e-waste removal accepts all Tv's including LCD, Plasma, as well as older CRT televisions. In fact we accept all electronic waste. If it uses batteries or plugs into the wall, we accept it!

The recycling industry in the US is in decline, with plants shuttering across the country. Fifteen years ago, there were 23 active aluminum smelters in the US. Today there are only six. Alcoa, which most recently closed its Evansville, Indiana facility in January, has just one US smelter still in operation in Massena, New York, and thats only because of a $70 million aid package from the state. Its not hard to envision a future in which all smelting is outsourced to countries like China and Russia, where safety standards are lax in comparison.

That's why we exist, to fill the void of declining recyling in the US. We offer Texas statewide pickup and removal of all e-waste, including TV disposl here in Houston, Texas. As people seek sustainable alternatives to leaving their unwanted electronic products on their shelves or in the trash, the popularity of electronic waste recycling is building. It is important to prevent electronic waste from entering landfills because it contains metals such as lead and mercury that could potentially damage water and soil quality and impose harmful effects on human health.

Now the state has made $3 million in grant funding available to help municipalities address costs associated with the collection and recycling of e-waste - especially old cathode ray tube televisions and computer monitors. TV disposal in Houston is a real problem, as we've all seen them behind dumpsters, apartments, or worse in ditch's.

Same day e-waste removal is located at:

15800 Space Center Blvd # 204
Houston, Texas 77062

Send us an email with your e-waste removal needs. If possible, please include pictures. That makes it easiest to assess your needs and requirements. Anything we can do, to help you keep this waste from the landfills or worse. leeching into the water supply.

Houston E waste removal